Unipi Opentherm To Modbus MM-OT101 - Communication Problems

  • Good evening,
    I tried to connect the gateway referred to in the object to a BAXI boiler, and I noticed that some information I can read while others do not.
    For example, I can read the room temperature (address 24), all registers from 2000 to 2010, but many other registers, such as 27 (outside temperature), I cannot read them.
    An error appears in the thermostat (error 88E, which means communication problem). The communication problem encountered is however partial, because as mentioned some registers there
    I read correctly, others do not (where I do not read the data correctly, I read the value 0).
    Can anyone show me how I can solve the problem?
    Thank you

  • administrators

    Can you check the statistics registers 2000+ / 2100+?

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