Migrating to the latest version of Mervis from 2.0.10

  • So it has been a while since I last updated my UniPi but was going round updating various machines and wanted to migrate to the latest version.

    I cannot however, get the digital inputs to be either found or recognised, in debug mode they always come back as false. I have tried the old solution, a brand new solution etc. but nothing wants to pick them up. The relays and temperature gauges work fine and get read and can be set (via a NOT) however I can't seem to pick them up so my code won't work.

    My code is simple in that when a couple of inputs go high they should flip the relay. It has been working fine and reverting back to the original uSD card image works fine.

    I assume it is something to do with the pull up\down resistor setting but I can't see anyway of setting it properly.

    Hardware is a Pi 2 and UniPi 1.1

    Installed the latest version of the OS Image on as well as the RT.

    Any ideas please?

  • I thought it might have been a lack of IP address in the TCP Modbus connector so did a rebuild.

    However, it started working before I changed it so perhaps the install did not complete correctly the first time around. Oh well, a somewhat frustrating amount of time wasted :)

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