Shutdown process / status display.

  • I want to display the "Off" status on Axon. When we switch OS to shutdown mode (shutdown -h now), I want to turn on the green LED when the user can switch power off. So I will avoid violating the flash card and the os file system.

    Can't find a solution, maybe there are some standard solutions?

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    Hi @beergeek,
    there is probably a number of ways how to do it. This could be one of them:

    • create /usr/local/sbin/shutdown and add the exec bit to it
    • in the script, specify the logic - get the IOs into safe state and/or light up the user LEDs
    • at the end of the script, call shutdown -h now

    The logic can use the SysFS approach such as this:

    echo 1 > /run/unipi/io_group1/do_1_01/do_value # sets DO1.1 to true

    Although you don't have the user LEDs available in the SysFS right now. For that, you can use mbpoll and set it via ModbusTCP.

    Best regards,

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