Reduce the responce time of Unipi 1.1

  • I have a NiniPi 1.1 complete set

    I made a program in simple mode and in full mode.
    The response time is very bad.
    Description of the program:
    when a value of the analogue input has reached a setpoint (setpoint set in the program), an output must be "0". When the value of the analog input has been prepared under setpoint hysteresis (hysteresis set in program), the output must be "1".
    The program has 10 different set points.
    First, setpoint 1 is used x time, then setpoint 2 is used Y time, then setpoint 3 is used z time, etc.
    The responce time is 800ms.
    Can someone tell me how I can reduce the response time?

    User: Holzenbein

  • administrators

    Hello @holzenbein,
    that looks like incorrect usage of Autogen functionality. Please, take a look at our tutorial:

    Best regards,

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