Call function block from st

  • Hello there,
    I have just started to migrate to ST - these big diagrams gets messy in the long run ;)
    Now I'm just trying to call a function block from st.
    But i always get 'no value'.

    My question is, how do I call ph_control_hourly and get the value of the variable 'out'?
    Thanks a lot

  • administrators

    Hello @søren-hedegaard-0,
    you didn't pass any input value to the ph_control_hourly(), so the block doesn't know anything about run_at_time and ph_hourly_feed.

    The call should look this:

    ph_control_hourly(run_at_time := local_run_at_time, ph_hourly_feed := local_ph_hourly_feed, out => local_out_value)

    If you look in to the help (F1) of any built-in FB, you will see a usage and you learn how the ST works:


    Best regards,

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