Dynamic subject / message on sendmail

  • Hi

    I want to send different mails at different events.

    So e.g. at event1 the subject of the mail should be subject1, and the message should be message1.
    At event2, subject2 and message2....

    How can i do that?
    Or is it only possilbe if i add one sendbail-block for each event?

    Next question: Can i add several variables to the mail message?
    e.g. the status of a DI, or values from a power meter (watts, voltage....)


  • administrators

    Hello @dickesc,
    just change the input parameters "subject" and "message". Those are string variables, which you can dynamically fill/construct with FUPLA blocks from the "Basic String Boxes".

    You need to convert the values (bool, integer, real,...) to string first with block called "to_string". Then you can put together multiple strings with "concat".

    Best regards,

  • Thanks, i will have a try

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