Missing events on digital inputs

  • I have just bought a Neuron L203 unit. I am trying to get Node-Red to read the digital inputs, which have simple retractive switches connected as per the UniPi instructions.

    No matter what I do, the DI connections sporadically fail to register either the press or release of a button. I believe this is in error, since I can get consecutive event notifications with the same state (e.g. counter-mode enabled on a DI in EVOK, and the counter registers both 63 and 64 as "button released", when one of them should be "button pressed").

    I have tried changing the debounce value in the EVOK config page, but it appears to have no effect on this behaviour. I can see that the UniPi is registering the click and release correctly on the LEDs on the front of the unit, but the Websocket is simply not providing messages that tally with this.

    The flow is simply a Websocket input, and a debug output - no custom code whatsoever, so it's not anything I have written!

    What am I doing wrong? Does the Websocket i/f simply not work on UniPi as it should? If I can't guarantee getting the events, then the UniPi might not be suitable for my requirements (I am trying to use retractive switches to control both relay-driven lighting and DMX-controlled dimmers, dependent upon number of times the switches are pressed and duration of hold, etc).

    TIA, Neil.

  • My bad. The problem was me not detecting multiple messages in the same payload from the Websocket node. :-)

    All works fine now.

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