Mervis DB with Matlab

  • Hi,
    I fiddled around with the Matlab Mervis DB toolbox ( Unfortunately i di not manage to download data from the database. The problem seem to be with the MexMain.mexw64 file. For the .mex file to run some dlls are required. Those can be installed with the Visual Studio C++ Runtime.
    The problem is that the MexMain.mexw64 file is compile in debug mode not in release mode. For the debug version to run the original debug dlls are required.

    Could anybody responsible provide me with a .mex-file compile in release mode? Or any other way to make it run.

    Otherwise I would be happy about a solution to retrieve and manipulate data in the Mervis DB with either Matlab or Python

  • Hi, the mex file is compiled from C++ source code. The MexMain.mexw64 file is compiled for Windows 64bit platform. I do suggest that you use Windows 64bit.

    What version of Matlab do you use?