Expansion card not recognized

  • Good day,

    We have some issues with Axon M205. Sometimes for no reasons, one expansion card is not recognized and we lose all inputs/outputs. When that happens the only way I have found is to reinstall completely the OS.

    It happened already on 3 different devices and it is a major problem for us as we send the devices in other countries and use them through an IPSec with mobile network and they don't have access to the internet easily (only SSH but all outside connections are firewalled en the network operator side)

    You can see the evok page on the following images missing the Board n°1.

    1_1556187578160_Screenshot 2019-04-25 12.18.58.png 0_1556187578159_Screenshot 2019-04-25 12.18.52.png

    Do you guys have a workaround? Restarting Evok or the device does not help.

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    Hello @philesg,
    would it be possible to arrange some Teamviewer session? If so, please, contact us with details over support@unipi.technology

    Thank you and have a nice day,

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to investigate.
    Problem is fixed as it appears that it was some test scripts still running in the background and thus blocking access to the daughter board.

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