Usage of xG1W-2 with Neuron

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    I tried to get the 1Wire gateway xG1W-2 working together with the Unipi Neuron. As there unfortunately exist not tutorial on how to connect the gateway to the neuron and how to configure it inside Mervis I followed the same principles as connecting other extension modules but ran into problems.

    1. Configured the gateway via usb using the corresponding tool. 1Wire sensors are detected and show values.
    2. Connect the gateway RS485 D+ and D- to the RS485.1 A and B pins of the Neuron. Which principle does the A and B label on the Neuron follow? Is A + or B +?
    3. In Mervis added new channel (Modbus Serial) and added the library device corresponding to the xG1W-2.

    From here on Mervis could not successfully compile the solution because the an error that said the task count(1) is higher than allowed. After trying to compile the added Modbus channel shows no possible selection for the interface (RS485.1,RS485.2,...)

    I would be very happy if anyone can help me with this problem or tell me how to get the 1Wire gateway working properly with the Neuron.


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    Hi @kalophain,
    that looks like you haven't "Attach the controller". Try following this tutorial:

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