Task count (1) on platform 'Unknown' exceeded the device limit (0)

  • I have a setup with Axon S115 and several rs485 lines.
    On first line, everything works fine.
    Then I tried to create another channel on different port. I can see other devices on the port, but there are some xs50 extensors connected which I cannot see. Automatic modules detection throws "unknown error" or "no response".

    When I manually add xs50 from library and try to build it, it cannot compile, returning "Task count (1) on platform 'Unknown' exceeded the device limit (0)".

    What is wrong and how can I add extensors?

    Edit: Also on another channel the "link protocol" changed to "no protocol" and nothing else can be chosen, as well as on another channel the port number is now "invalid port 2". Both channels were working before xs50 addition

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    Hello @jakub-sykora,
    that looks like you haven't done the "Attach controller". Try to revise your procedure according to this tutorial: https://kb.unipi.technology/en:sw:01-mervis:creating-new-project-hidden

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