Direct Switch ?

  • Hello,

    I am experimenting with Direct Switch function, however, setting directswitch to "Toggle" on the input and deploying it to the device does not seem to be enough.

    I cannot find any mention of the variables "DS_" e.g "DS_enable, DS_toggle and DS_polarity functions" in Mervis, only a single drop-down in the DI properties "DirectSwitch" as seen at:

    I am guessing something has changed?

    Does it require anything to be programmed in FDB? E.G. will a toggle operation from the DI with DirectSwitch enabled to the corresponding RO be enough, or does something else need to be done before it works?



  • Ah. Seems I just realised where I was going wrong.

    I was missing the step to configure the module. Deploying the solution is not enough.

    "We just changed the configuration of the PLC modules, which is not applicable by simply uploading the solution. To save the configuration, follow the UniPi - Configure Module tutorial."

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