latest archive.swu file is too large

  • Good day,

    I'm trying to flash Axon L505 with latest image ( trough service web interface but I get an error message file is too big (max 256mb) and file size is 260.

  • Apologies, we'll try to get this sorted ASAP.

  • Hi @PhilesG,

    The image .swu can unfortunately only be flashed on boot, i.e. by holding down the button during powerup while the image flash drive is inserted in the USB next to the Ethernet port.

    The 256MB limit is baked into the SWUpdate web interface and cannot be changed, but the scripted on-boot flashing process will happily accept it.

    To recapitulate, the update process is as follows:

    1. Disconnect power from the device
    2. Load the flashing image onto a USB stick
    3. Insert the USB stick into the USB port next to the Ethernet connector (USB 2)
    4. Press and hold down the recessed button on top of the device
    5. Connect power to the device, while still holding down the recessed button for further ~15 seconds
    6. Wait for the update process to finish

    I hope this helps

  • Hello,

    The steps above do not work on my system (Axon M205). My card is not flashed - I still have some extra files in /etc.

    When using the service web interface (with unipi-axon-os-2018-09-18_v1.7 release, as the latest release is too large), I get after a while:

    Software Update started !
    Installation in progress
    ERROR : cannot write 16384 bytes: Operation not permitted
    Installation failed !
    Waiting for requests...

    Though, is flashing the OS equivalent to an "apt upgrade"?


  • Thanks flash with USB did work. But i had to try with 3 differents one before it worked.

  • Hi @PhilesG!

    That's good to hear, though a bit concerning that it doesn't work with all flash drives. I'm not sure what we can do about that, but we'll have a look at it again.

    The size limit in the web interface is unfortunately inserted quite deep into the system; essentially it's the amount of memory-mapped drive space that is reserved for holding the file sent over the network. Which is also why the flash drive method works, as the file is instead stored on the drive.

    At any rate - glad you managed to get it to work!

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