Write custom images

  • Is there a way to write custom images on axon?

  • You can write a new image to the device via the axon recovery mode, which is triggered according to the instructions in a leaflet distributed with the device.

    As for making the image itself - since Axon uses a custom distribution rather than a standard one, unlike Raspbian for Neuron, it's best to use our image as a base for any custom images. Making an image from scratch is possible, but it does require quite a bit of hand tweaking to make it work, and will require using our image as a guide at any rate.

  • @tomasknot is there a way to create a copy of the running image on axon? My problem is that I need to install other software and this operation takes time and would be much better and easy for me be able to make a copy to restore the same image in many devices.

  • You will have to create a Software Update (.swu) file containing your desired changes and/or containing the partition you want to write to the new device. There is a tutorial for doing so here, though do be careful not to overwrite the entire drive (as opposed to just the main partition) - doing so may render the device inoperable, since the boot partition is also on the drive.

    The update archive can the be loaded using the latest Axon OS image. which you can download in the "Downloads -> Software -> Images" section of our knowledgebase.

    I do need to stress that while we may be able to repair the device for a charge if things go wrong, performing the steps above is not supported or covered by our warranty in the case of user error.

  • @tomasknot This is really nice! Thanks so much I will adopt this approach.

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