Neuron L403

  • i am working on project has four L403 unipi, and other models like M503, M403.

    none of the L403 working fine.

    all of them has problem in one of the groups , one two or three.

    the problem is that i can not access the group relays

    group run led , goes on then off, or red

    and related points in mervis are red.

    other models m503 and m403, are fine in this matter.

    what should i do ?

    i doute that replacing those will solve the issue, since i believe this model has a mal
    design issues ?

    any body faced my problem and solved it ?

  • administrators

    Hello @raedhammad,

    did you receive our reply which we sent to your email on Monday 19.11.? Please continue in the email conversation rather than forum and youtube comments.

  • @tomas_hora
    Your reply does not help me to close my project.

    for your information, they decided to replace by new ones, but I am sure, same issues will come again and again.

    I do not know how do you keep selling non-tested products.

    and to be honest with you, your products has great options, but indeed they are not reliable at all. especially hardware wise.

    another issues I am facing, but I do not expect that you have a solution for those : such as :
    Your product when working as modbus server - serial , it stops transmitting and keep receiving after some hours of goodTx and Rx.

    your relays outputs stays on even power is off, from time to time.

    for my comments on youtube, people should know what they are going to face, if they decided to go with Unipi.

    simply , endless project.........................

  • administrators

    dear @raedhammad, people should definitely know what they are going to face, but blaming our solution without knowing what went wrong...

    As stated previously, please continue in the email communication so we have just one point where to talk so we can discuss all your issues there. We can then past the conversation here if other might want to read through.

  • This post is deleted!

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