Mervis OS Login Credentials

  • I installed the Mervis image
    What are the login credentials. pi:raspberry and root:unipi did not work for me.

  • How exactly do you want to log in to the MervisOS?
    And the default is admin:rw for Mervis

  • Hey, thanks for the quick reply :-)

    I am trying to log in via cli. since ssh is not active. I also tried admin:rw with no success.

  • No problem, just sharing my limited knowledge :).
    What device are you using? A regular UniPi, a Neuron, ...?

  • Its a Neuron M203.

  • Ah, that's the same one as we have. If you want to be able to connect through SSH you can use the UniPian Image. But then you won't be able to use the Mervis IDE as far as I know

  • administrators

    Hello @phil, @StevenHendrickx
    to login to the MervisOS command line via SSH, you need to enable the SSH first. This behaviour changed in the image 1.7, where the SSH is disabled by default as a security measure. In older images, the SSH was enabled.

    To enable the SSH, you need to create file named "ssh.txt" in the partition called "boot" on your SD card. This is the same process as with Raspbian. You cannot enable the SSH once the UniPi is running. You need to take out the SD card, put it in your PC a create the file there.

    The default username is "unipi" and password is "". To switch to the "root" user, run sudo bash.

    Is this description sufficient or do you need to clarify it a bit more?

    Best regards,

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