Digital Output Voltage ?

  • Hi there,

    I ordered a M203+xS10 some months ago, and I'm finally ready to start using them in my rebuilt house.
    Testing with the EVOK image and measuring the devices, I notice a permanent 1-2 volts between the DOGND and DO1.1 - 1.4. Enabled the voltage drops to 0,599 V.
    I expected measuring 0V when they are inactive, and something between 10-24Volts when they are active.

    Am I wrong ? Did I misunderstood the DO's ? Or do I possibly have a faulty unit ? Or could it be a software problem ? (Running UniPian-Neuron-OS-2018-03-09)

    Thanks for your answers!!

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    Hi @stevenbrs,

    The DOs are NPN type (open collector), check the documentation for proper wiring. Everything is OK with your HW and SW, do not worry.

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