temperature reading changed

  • i have a M103, DS18B20, it was working like a charm. giving precise readings several digits behind the comma.

    I tried a AM2301 Temperature/humidity sensor and that doesn't work apparently although its a 1 wire device it doesn't show up when scanning for devices.

    after that i plugged the DS10B20 in again and now it only gives readings in ,0 or ,5
    i dont know how to set it back.

    • deleted the 1wire channel, re-setup the channel and reassign the sensor
    • close solution and make a complete new solution
    • put a new image on the MicroSD
      all didn't work.

    any thoughts?

  • ok i just figured out i apparently changed the resolution somehow with some random clicking to get the sensor going. (i found the PDF file on how to change resolution of the DS18B20)