UniPi v1.0 support / how-tos

  • Hallo, i can't find any inforamation/how-tos/software for this version.
    All downloadable software is supoorting v1.1 but no v1.0.

    I bought this one 4years ago and never used it. Finally I have time to play with it now ;)
    I hope it will be possible to use it now with one of the existing opensource automation project like: HomeAssistant or OpenhHAB or ...

    Is here someone who can help?
    Thank you.

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    @martin-randl Hello, basically the only thing that changed on 1.1 is the AO which has default zero state really 0V instead of 10V as on 1.0. But all the other I/0s are the same. So most software should be compatible.

  • Thank you!
    I'll try EVOK(api) and let you know.

    I can't understand why there is no mention about version 1.0 in documentation.
    1st line from doc: "EVOK is the primary Web API for NEURON and UniPi 1.1 devices."

  • Hi @Martin-Randl!

    EVOK isn't physically tested with the UniPi 1.0 anymore, which is the reason why it is not mentioned. Additionally as Tomas Hora mentioned the AO will behave slightly differently. But it should still work fine in ~99% of cases.

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