Android app for UniPi using EVOK over websockets

  • Hi everybody,
    If anybody is looking for an Android app to control the UniPi, I just added UniPi support to my little app "Dr.OnOff" (you will find it on Google Play Store). It uses the EVOK api over websockets. The intention of my app is to manually control outputs (digital, relay, analog 0-10V) and read inputs and sensors. It is not meant to do any logics like 'if input1 then output5' or similar.
    Here are some screenshots:
    0_1528627009717_dronoff1.jpg 0_1528627027916_dronoff2.jpg
    I myself am using the app with Neuron M203 + xS50 extension to control lights, roof windows, window blinds, ventilating fans and so on. Automation is done (or will be done, not finished yet) with scripts running on the UniPi, e.g. controlling the fan speed depending on temperature and controlling ambient lights depending on daylight. Manual control is done with my app.

    If you have any questions or any other kind of feedback, let me know. Thank you.


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    @bsc101 Great work! Let us know when it's released... We will be happy to test it :)

  • @tomas_hora Hi Tomas,
    It is already, this is the test version: Dr.OnOff
    Have a nice day!

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