Restoring corrupt SD card image

  • hello,
    after a hacker attack, I am trying to restore the Mervis control software image on the SD card for my Unipi 1.1.
    The manual directs me to the software download section of the Unipi technology site where a number of images is presented. The first file is a readme file that starts with the following warning :
    Please use the standard Raspbian and install Evok from Github:"

    If these images are unsuitable for the Unipi 1.1 - why does the Unipi manual direct me here??
    When I go to the suggested Github pages I am unsure which image to burn on my SD card.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • administrators

    You will need to use the Mervis image from here:
    I'm afraid you are looking at our open-source images instead, which indeed only work on Neuron. We have 2 sets of images and unfortunately they are not interchangeable.

    We are testing a debian package server which should be operational soon(ish), which will make installing a specific version somewhat easier; that said it will still require choosing the version to use in some way.

    Could you mention where was the link that sent you to a wrong place? We'd like to get it fixed if possible.

  • @TomasKnot

    thanks for your reply, that should help ..

    you were asking where I found the link to the wrong images.
    That was in the current version of the Mervis step by step manual, posted in the software documentation section of your site (
    The link is in section 1.2.2:
    "Deploying image / Prerequisites: /Mervis OS imge –

  • administrators


    Thank you! We are working on a new version of that. In fact we have a first draft already where this should be fixed, but it's not fully compatible with the latest public version of Mervis.

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