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  • Good evening I need information for a client.
    I would like to know if I would build a complex system with 10 neuron PLCs .. all connected by RS485 bus .. I would like to know if using only a Neuron of 10 connected all in series / parallel .. you can create the graphics through the mervis all on one PLC enclosing all the points but all the other 9 remaining PLC..Type concentrator .. I would also like to know if all the points created and made visible in the engine .. can be inserted and viewed by a classic scada system .. with mdbus protocol ..
    is it possible to connect all the Neurons via rs485..but only one of them connect it to a scada system connected to it via TCP?
    Thank you

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  • Yes, you can, but the response time will be relatively slow with 10 PLCs. It would be better to connect them with Ethernet and use SSCP as a concentrator protocol. You can use a separate network only for the neurons so that it does not connect outside. A separate internal Neuron-only SSCP network will also be much more secure than plain RS485 Modbus. But you can also use RS485.

    If you have a SCADA tool which works as a Modbus server (i.e. slave) it should work with Mervis fine. Mervis does not contain a TCP Modbus server though, so the other way around - a Modbus client (i.e. master) device - will not work over TCP.

  • I apologize if I use 10 Neurons connected via a TCP network with IP inequalities of the same family, is it possible to contract HMI graphics all the Neuron PLCs in one?
    Type a master to make us clear.
    If yes, how should I do?
    could you send me an example via screenshoot? thank you

  • You should be able to use the instructions in chapter 4.5 of the manual I have sent you via a private message.

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