Adding Group 2 and 3 - Neuron L503

  • Re: Acces Group 2 and 3 at Neuron L503

    The last topic wasn't enough to get me going, I was able to add channels via "Modbus Slave Channels" for "Digital inputs Group 2" and I understand the link with the ModBus Registers.

    But I can't find a way to add "NeuronL50xGroup2" to be listed in IEC Objects under "Modbus TCPslave I/O mappin".

    Who can help me? Thank you!

  • Hi Oliver,

    Please see the datasheet which explains how to map the IO for Groups 2 and 3.

    In summary you create variables in your application, and then map from the modbus registers directly to these variables. This is the same as for any modbus device in CODESYS. If the datasheet dowsn't help please see the standard CODESYS help for modbus.

    Group1 is the same for all Neuron devices, and is more complex, particularly in regard to scaling Analog values. For this reason a function block is automatically created when the device is added. I would appreciate feedback to determine if doing the same for the other groups would be beneficial, or get in the way.

    regards David

  • Thanks David, I've got it figured out!

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