Acces Group 2 and 3 at Neuron L503

  • Hey Guys,

    if've got a problem to get acces to the In and Outputs from Module 2 and 3.
    In Codesys there are only the Channels for Group 1 registerd.

    Do anyone kow, how to acces the other Groups?

    Thank You!

  • Hi Yannick,

    Please look in the datasheet that can be downloaded from the CODESYS store along with the software. In there are instructions for accessing channels in groups 2 and 3. Basically you created channels as you would in a standard codesys modbus device (although all registers and coils are identified by name. You then map these into your application. There are a number of utility function blocks in the library that may be helpful.

    Group 1 is the same across all Neuron devices, so I created the drivers to automatically create channels and map the data into an automatically created function block. If users find this helpful then I could do the same for the other groups. I would be interested to hear if users find this automated mapping helpful, or if they prefer to map the channels used themselves.

    regards David

  • Thank you very Mutch, thats what I'm looking for.
    Now if´ve got it.

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