Communication between Unipi and other devices

  • Hello I would like to use this product for my next home automation project .
    I would like to know if some how it is possible to set communication between the Unipi and devices like, fibaro sensors for exemple .

  • administrators

    @Yakub It depends what is the physical and application prototol to communicate with the sensors... We have not tried it so we do not know :(

  • Basicly I would like to find a product which is able to receive information from Fibaro sensors and with some bolean variables I would like to set lights etc ...

    Do you have any conpatibility with wirless sensor because I don't want to use Pt100 (which will be very compicated to change if they are broken) for exemple those Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001-ZW5 are detecting the motion, temperature and luminisity, and my goal is the combine philips Hue led, Fibaro sensor and your Uni-pi device . But if you have your own products or partern compatible I will like to have your point of view .

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