Error while changing Analog input State

  • Hello

    We are triyng to set up

    We are trying to set up a UniPi Neuron S103 with a Sx50 Extension in mA Mode.
    Setting the state over the configuration webpage does return an error.


    So we tried to setup over curl with the same error message.

     curl --request POST   --url   --header 'content-type: application/json'  
    --data '{"mode":"Current", "range":"20.0"}
    {"status": "success", "data": {"errors": "integer out of range for 'H' format code"}}

    Do you have a idea how to fix this?


  • administrators

    It looks like there's an error in the device definition file parser for the AI on xS50. I have now fixed this on the latest GitHub master, but it may take a while to percolate to all of our image distributions.

    If possible I would recommend using the manual Github installation process; if this isn't an option then you may have luck with replacing all ".py" files in /opt/evok with files from "evok" directory on the Github repository linked above.

  • Thank you a lot for your help.
    Reinstalling the latest version vorm github EVOK version worked fine.

    kind regards


  • administrators

    Glad you got it working!

    This should now be fixed in our latest opensource image and EVOK release as well.

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