Unipian and RaspberryPi3

  • hi,
    have bought new raspberry Pi3 and try to get running, but it stops loading if screen shows the 4 coulor spectrum. There is no act LED lighting, no change in any time.
    Have testet the hardware with raspian and everything is ok.
    So not the card or the Raspberry are the problem, it doesnt load unipian.

    Have you an Update to fix that?

  • administrators

    @devien Just to make sure: You have UniPi 1 and using unipian_fhem-v0.3-rpi. Correct?

  • sure, i have an UniPi 1.1 and try to use unipian_fhem-v0.3-rpi. this is correct

  • administrators

    @devien The image has been build for the RPi 2, so RPi 3 is not supported right now. We will make a note in the readme file. Thanks for the report.

  • is there a timeframe to see when a new image for the RPi3 suport is available?

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    @devien The FHEM integration has been done by an extern who does not work for us anymore... So I do not see anyone having time for that in the near future.

  • realy? the RPi3 came out 2 years ago, the last image of your unipian is mor than 2 years old.
    Anyone who buys any unipi module whant to have a upgradeable, stable and reliable system.
    you say you cants see anyone having time, since 2 years and in the near future?
    You only sell a RPi3 at your shop, so your hardware is no more compatible with Fhem without search an buy hardware anywhere else.

    i'm shocked

    well, sorry, could we find a way to fix this 4 us all.

    on an previos Posting you said for upgrading the unipian: "But you should be safe to do apt-get update & upgrade after mounting the FS as read-write (mount -o remount, rw /)"
    i think you mean the complete flash card?

    I think whith an complete upgradet OS the new RPi3 could run. so i like to test this and make an upgradet image wich u can put on your downloadsection for other users.

  • UniPian is designed for the RaspberryPi3 - the issue is with the FHEM implementation not being updated. All of our other images are based on the latest Raspbian. But you should be able to update the image yourself.

  • hi,
    it looks as you have change your unipian now to the Debian repository. Thats great, cause now we can realy use unipian with the newest kernel for raspberry pi 4 an next generations.

    thank u 4 that

  • wich pakage of unipian is for unipi 1.1?

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