Quick question about Temperatur sensor

  • Hi,
    bought this sensor at your shop: https://www.unipi.technology/1-wire-temperature-sensor-p63?categoryId=3
    Now I integrated it into Mervis - worked well, but how to setup the channel so that I can read the correct temperatur value in °C?
    settings at the moment are: 0_1519407699000_upload-bb2d342d-1317-4459-b93a-d3e11af0b5a9

    Many thanks

  • Banned

    The values look correct. You should be able to read the temperature in degrees Celsius from the "tmp_real" variable.

    As the thermometer internally uses Celsius, any conversion to Fahrenheit must be done in your program. It is not possible to achieve more precision than given, as again the thermometer is designed to give output in fractions of degrees celsius.