Relay state change speed?

  • I want to change the relay to state 1 and immediately to state 0 (Neuron M503 and What is the minimum time in milliseconds between the change that EVOK guarantees a change from 1 to 0 for success? Can the response rate be increased or changed?

    The EVOK document ( is pwm_freq and pwm_duty. What is their purpose?


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    @Vesa-Kauppinen This is a bit more complicated than it seems. First of all, Evok cannot guarantee any time of physical response. Secondly, there is a lot of overhead with the HTTP encapsulation. All this together with available CPU processing power at the moment of the request (actual load of CPU by other applications) can lead to a various time of reaction to the request.

    From what we have tried it can take about 150ms to switch the relay when the command is called from the same RPi using curl.

    If you need faster responses, you can always use the default Modbus TCP where you will get to around 10ms response time.

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