xS10 timeout's on RS485

  • Hello,

    since two days I have strange problems in communication with my xS10 over RS485 Modbus RTU. I connected the xS10 via Modbus (over the Digitus Adapter) to an USB of a Pi3 with FHEM. Everything worked fine (reading the DI's an changing the RO's). But now I have timeouts on Modbus communication all time long. In FHEM Logfile the following message occur:

    2018.02.06 09:54:59 3: NeuronModbus: timeout waiting for fc 1 from id 15, Request was 0f01000000083ce2 (c0 / RO1, len 8)

    Yesterday I could get it away with playing on the DIP for RS485-END. But today this trick wont work anymore.
    Has anybody an idea? I don't know if the Digitus not wirking correct or the xS10.


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    @Negropo Could you try to verify the firmware of the xS10 using the firmware tool available on our downloads page and the USB adapter share the screenshots or output of the verification.

  • Hello @tomas_hora,

    in the past I already maked the fw update. When I now connect the xS10 to PC I get the following:


  • Hello @tomas_hora,
    today I got a new RS485 USB adapter to test if the adapter is crashed. And on the first look it seems so. I tested to conncet to the xS10 via the fw-tool an it shows the following

    BUT this works only once a time. After a first test I get the same results of timeouts again with the new adapter.

    So I guess that there must be something in the communication between xS10 and the adapter that crashes the adapter: Could I messure the voltage or something similar to see if there is a too high peak? What would be a normal range of voltage on the RS485 bus? Or any othe ideas?

    Thanks Negropo

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    @Negropo This might be an issue with the xS10. Please contact me via support@unipi... and we will figure this out.

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