Change Device ID of Neuron xS10

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    I try since some days to communicate from an Pi3 with FHEM via an USB/RS485-adapter to a Neuron xS10 via Modbus RTU. From an Win10 PC I get a connection to the Neuron xS10 with the following parameters Device ID 0, Adress 15 and Baudrate of 19200, 8 Bits, Parity none and 1 Stop Bit. With the tool mbpoll on the Pi3 I can't get a connection because a Device ID 0 isn't accepted (range is from 1 to 254). So I think the problem is the 0 ono Device ID. Is there an option to change the Device ID? Or has anybody another hint for me how I get it work. Thanks a lot!


  • Try device ID 15 instead (maybe 14/16 as well). 0 is the broadcast address, but it's not supported by many tools and devices.

    The device ID and address should be functionally identical.

  • Thank you, that works. With the ID 15 I can now connect from RPi3 via mbpoll the xS10. But I can't get it work on FHEM. So is there an example how to define the modbus etc. on FHEM to connect the xS10 via Modbus RTU?

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    @Negropo There are no prototypes for Neuron Extetensions in FHEM yet, so you have to define it first according to the FHEM documentation.

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