I2C connections to UniPi Neuron

  • Greetings.

    We are an South African based company looking to utilize some of the UniPi Neuron PLC's and prefer not to use a UniPi1 if possible. We have a set of devices (>30) connected to I2C. A third of these are output systems. So far we planned to use the 1-wire connection and a 1-wire to I2C bridge.
    ~Can the 1-wire port on the UniPi neurons also interact with output signals? So far we have some concerns that it might only accept input signals.
    ~What alternatives(to the above mentioned) exist to use I2C devices with a UniPi PLC?
    ~Is there a way for the UniPi Neuron to "talk" UART to devices like the Arduino's
    can in various configurations? If not,what other products will be able to do this?

    Please answer in detail since we have a lot to consider and our staff are new to the UniPi products


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    Hello @VariableEmployee,

    I2C is not designed to run on long lines - so theoretically you can connect 30 devices if the addresses do not collide but it is not a good idea to do it like this due to the long wires.

    Also, there is no direct access to the I2C on Neurons, it is available only on UniPi 1.

    If you want to use it as a PLC, meant as a robust and reliable automation controller, I suggest connecting the peripherals via RS485...

    UART is also a low-level interface (such as I2C), in installation cabinets, these kinds of protocols is used only for the communication within one device. Protocols like RS485, RS232 and others are used to communicate with other devices.

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