Permanent 24v from impulse relay to DI

  • Hi all,

    I have just got my m203 I want to use for my home automation. First is light controll.

    In my home I have all the lights controlled via bistable impulse relays, schrack LQ612048. Wall push buttons are all sending 24v DC signal to trigger relay and light on/off. From each relay (all are 2 NO) I also have 24v DC state circuit which I can use to read state of the relay load curcuit which is 220 AC. I get 24V voltage if the relay/light is on, 0 if not.

    Can I wire this relay state to DI of the Neuron, it will be permanent log 1 (24v DC) while light is ON?

    I also want to use Neuron ROs to controll the relays the same way like from push buttons, the DIs will be used to read the state, while lights will be controlled by both push buttons or Neuron via schrack relays.

    Is this a good approach?

    The alternative would be to wire push buttons to Neuron DIs, and use direct switch to trigger Neuron ROs, which will then trigger light relays. But in this case I need to remember the state, or use separate DIs to get light relays state.

    Hope you understand :)


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    @dgajic Both approaches will work OK - basically, the wall switch in the first scenario will take care of the DirectSwitch but in second scenario Neuron will handle DirectSwitch. The only disadvantage of the first approach is, that you will only be able to turn the light on when it's off. But if the light will be on (switched on by a wall switch) you won't be able to turn it off from Neuron.

  • Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for fast answer, the wall switches are actually push buttons (don't know is that the right term), so when I press it it will power on the relay, next time when I press it it will power off (relays are impulse bi-stable ones). Actually wall switch is sending short 24 V DC signal to control the relay. I have what I believe is called central wiring, so all cables from lights and from switches end in central place, and I have 24 V DC towards wall switches, 220 V AC toward lights.

    In the first scenario, if I want to control the relay I can send signal either from wall switch or from Neuron via ROs. When I say from Neuron I mean by software which will be used to control the lighting. DI inputs will be used so Neuron knows the state of relay, so I can present which lights are turned on and which are off, in the application for example. But for the light relay it shouldn't make the difference from where the signal is coming it's just react on it.

    I hope it's more clear now, I will try it, wanted to make sure I will not damage DIs of Neuron if I have them constantly (when light is ON) on logical 1 (24 V DC).

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    @dgajic Sorry, I did not understand that the relays are like this. If the relays react to an rising or falling edge of 24V to change the state then it's OK and it should work well. You would not use the DirectSwitch of Neuron and just simulate the press of a button from the Neuron relay.

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