Controll UniPi via Rj11 Connector

  • Hello, i'm new here and come from germany so i hope you understand what i would like to ask.
    I have a UniPi board to controll my Flowbench (that i use to meassure airflow through Cylinder Heads). Actually i have a Raspberry Pi 3 on top of the unipi board and the Programm is stored on a Usb device.
    is it feasibly to controll the unipi board through the i2c rj11 connector on the board without a raspberry on top of it?
    because i would like to use a pi top with the raspberry inside of it and connect it to the bench via this rj11 cable. its easyier to modify the programm when i have the raspberry in this laptop.

    Best Regards

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    Hello @M-Musel, I think this is not possible. Digital inputs are connected directly to the GPIOs of RPi's processor. You might be able to control only Relays/Ai and 1Wire but the rest will not work - I am also not sure if there are any I2C devices in the Pi-Top so you would have to make sure the addresses would not colide with I2C devices on UniPi.

    You also cannot connect two UniPis together via the I2C

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