Adding Extensions to Evok

  • I've a hard time to add an extension to evok, I tried different settings in the /etc/evok.conf - no success. Found also no documentation about the extensions and how to add them without using mervis.

  • To be more specific I use Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.1 (stretch) with a Neuron L40x and a xS30 Extension.


    device_name = xS30	
    modbus_uart_port = /dev/extcomm/0/0		
    allow_register_access = False		
    scan_frequency = 2			
    scan_enabled = True			

    DIP switches on the extension are all OFF, cable length 30cm

  • @Boernsman


    global_id = 2							
    device_name = xS30						
    modbus_uart_port = /dev/extcomm/0/0 	
    neuron_uart_circuit = 1_01				
    allow_register_access = True 			
    address = 15 							
    scan_frequency = 2 					
    scan_enabled = True 					
    baud_rate = 19200						
    parity = N								
    stop_bits = 1	


  • Thanks, worked out for me

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