Direct Switch - setup example (without Mervis)

  • I have a question related to Direct Switch function for UniPi (neuron) - how to setup it for simple input/output pair - DI 3.11 and RO 3.11 for example ? I need function toogle and I don't want to use Mervis.
    It's important to do that, because this method is very fast and I use it for switching light on/off using wall switch and delay will be very small.
    Operating system: Raspbian Jessie. I installed neuron tcp modbus overlay from" , but it's not clear how to configure it for simple example - eg input DI 3.11, output RO 3.11, function toogle.

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    @devmicha If you have the TCP MOdbus working, than just get the Modbus Registers map from - Products - Neuron - Maps and and seach for register "Enable Direct Switch function" and "Enable DS toggle function" and set the bit of the DI you wish to enable the fuction to 1 in both registers.


    Get the latest evok: and enable it via the web UI :)

  • Thank you, I tested new version of Evok (with Raspbian Jessie) and it works great. Direct Switch works very good for any input/output.
    I have additional question: is it possible to control 4 lights/4 relays using 1 button/1 Digital Input (or more, eg 4 inputs/4 buttons) with Direct Switch method (function toggle)? I want to control the same 4 lights using 4 different buttons (in different places in the room), so each button will turn on/off all the lights in the room. (**when we press any of 4 buttons than 4 lights will go on or off)

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    @devmicha Its only possible to control one RO/DO with one DI with the same number using the DirectSwitch function. If you want to do 1Di to more Do/Ro, than you have to make some program which will take care of it. Or also just do it in the cables :)

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