howto read analog input?

  • Now my next challenges is to connect a PT500 to analog input of unipi and read the value.

    Tried this function but it does not work

    var status = JSON.parse(msg.payload);
    var newMsg = {};

    if ( == "ai" && circuit == 1 )
    newMsg.payload = status.value;
    return newMsg;

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    @jens UniPi 1.1 has only 0-10V analog input.. It does not support to read resistance sensors.

  • And is the case with Neuron also? To read for example PT1000 you need a voltage divider?

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    Neuron has the ability to read resistance natively.

  • Are there any examples of this, i tried briefly and only got values with pt1000 which made no sense. Connection directly to AI - GND and then make channel and convert resistance to temperature, anything else?

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    @Iogo Check the documentation. You can enable resistance reading on Analog Output of Group 1 (chapter Measuring resistance on AO1 - you do not need to do the calculations, evok will do that for you, you just have to se it to resistance mode) or any analog input of other groups (including xS units).

  • Ok, wrong subforum. Will post on other, concerning mervis.

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