howto for 1-wire temperature via nodered?

  • Hi there,

    I have just started, using unipi 1.1 + rpi3 and running rodened+evok

    Excuse me my dummy question but i cannot find any informaiton howto read temperature of a 1-wire temperature sensor

    Do I need to install owfs for this or can I just read the temerature via a function node?
    How do I get the address of the 1-wire temperature sensor?
    Do i need to configure anything before 1-wire works?

    Sorry many perhaps dummy questions but would be great if you can point me into right direction or have an example.

    Many thanks

  • @jens

    this is solved; for all others who have same problem enclosed my solutions. Any comments and improvements welcome

    howto for 1-wire temperature via nodered?](/topic/444/howto-for-1-wire-temperature-via-nodered```

  • @jens
    and where is the solution ?


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