Analog Aoutput [Mervis]

  • Good morning I am planning my unipi1. I noticed that after the Fragile Block in Fupla PI..the output can not be directly connected to the AO .. must I switch to a Trunc_int..and well?
    Now I downloaded the program and it seems to work properly .. my dilemma and problem is to understand the AO 0-10V output as it works physically ..
    in logical duty to have as it does photo attach 100% of the signal ie 10v ..
    I connected the negative tester tester to AOG and the positive s AO .. i do not go out of anything ... how ever?0_1504684262353_Cattura.JPG

  • @TriathletC The AO settings are in steps of precision rather than percent, meaning that setting of 100 gives output of (10V/4096) * 100. Setting the register to 4000 should give a value of 10V. You can find more details in the Neuron technical manual, section Analog Ouput.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • @tomas_knot
    Sorry Thomas but I do not understand how to do it .. and the download section documentation I did not find it ..
    you can kindly make me a screen shot with the logic blocks where to put that value thank you.

  • @tomas_knot Did I forget about Hardware I have two clusters for the right AO?
    AOG that would be the mass
    and AO output 0-10V right ..
    or do you need to do some jumper?

  • @tomas_knot without using the formulas I did a double point function..credo is lost..the problem is that even now with a value of more than 2000 I have nothing on the AOG and AO terminals ..

  • Apologies, I assumed you were using a Neuron. The Analog outputs on the UniPi 1.1 have to be connected to an external power source, 12V into AOV and GND to ground. For testing purposes you can connect it to the 12V output on the UniPi 1, and AOG to AI2-.

  • @tomas_knot
    I did make the connections as you told me .. it seems like going out now a continuous volt signal .. but it does not correspond to the reality of the logic..this explanation .. when output I have a 0 signal in physical output I 9,98v when I have 4000 as you told me I have 5, ever? what am I doing wrong?

  • The UniPi 1.1 also has a different range of precision than Neuron, the 4096 is only for Neuron.

    The principle is the same, though it's slightly more capricious. For older versions there are 10000 precision steps, but they are inverted, i.e. to get a value of 0V set the output to 10000, to get a value 1V set the value to 9000, etc.

  • @tomas_knot thank you.

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