Notifications sent from Unipi to Smartphone

  • Hi,
    is it possible that Unipi sends a message to a smartphone - as SMS, Email or other - if a for example a digital input becomes high?
    Would be an interesting solution if Unipi works as an alarm system and notifies you remotely if there is a motion in your house when you are on holidays...

    Has someone experience in this topic?

    Thanks in advance

  • hi,
    im not sure how to do in Marvis, but at FHEM you can use Email, telegram or with an sms - gateway online.And with an gsm modul and an sim-card.
    i think Mervis has a possible way, but i dont know mervis ;)

  • @devien
    good to hear.. let's see if we find anyone who can do it in Mervis. :)

  • Hi @CKB.

    Have a look in the Mervis Help by pressing F1 to find Sendmail...

    Hope this help.


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