Bad Documentation, bad web interface

  • Hello, i was suspecting a lot of the unipi board, bought it a long time ago but started
    working on it this week. After installing (Pi3 + newest Jessie) and after calling the
    url of my PI the index.html is showing but almost nothing is working correctly. I tried FF, Chrome
    Safari, on different platforms, besides the sliders for the relays there is nothing working like expected.

    Menus are not opening, etc.

    Then there is a official Technology forum, where i am posting now, but also a old, and a lot of links to the wiki (not working) but thats it. No deeper explanation on how to get working with the digital in-output - Analog in-output, nada.

    I managed to get a working python script so that i can switch on or off the relays from my ERP software (it was thought for that) but i want more information and sample scripts. But there is literally nothing, not on the web not here. Am i really to stupid, did i miss something? Or is it a fact that this board is only use by a few freaks and the rest has to see how one getting there?

    I think it is really important to place some examples to understand things right and get some success in the first hours of experimenting, if not a product will get onto the shelf and never leave it. Maybe Unipi does not care, and they are thinking short term based but to make this a success, you have to do a bit more in my opinion.

    If i am overseeing things, please send me some links to where i can find example scripts in python
    i am using the ws.send('{"cmd":"set","dev":"relay","circuit": "'+str(switch)+'" ,"value":"'+str(status)+'"}')

    Also tell me if i am the only one where this unipi control panel is not working as it should, in this
    way it is no fun at all.


  • As i am not able to edit my text, here some examples of links i found: 1.1

    Both links lands nowhere, what is this?

    Also found a post someone comlaining on the lack of documentation, which was in 2016 and the answer is that there will be a new web page etc. nothing yet. What is this?

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    Hello @sosy,

    first of all welcome :) We are trying to provide the best support as we can so if you face any trouble with an incorrect or non-working link, please report it here or to our email. There might be a lot of them since we moved both our portal and forums to new systems, but all the articles and topics have been migrated (search works great in forum).

    Could you paste where did you find the link you posted?

    If you are having troubles with evok, please follow Debuggin section of Readme and paste the output here or to a new topic please.

    You say that almost nothing is workig in the Web interface of Evok, could you be more specific or paste at least some picture or more detailed info what is not working?

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