Neuron and Codesys

  • When it is possible to have it Codesys for Neuron ?

  • administrators We have a guy that started working on it. But it is external cooperation so will not push him on the deadlines...

  • have you news about codesys for Neuron ?

  • I am nearly ready to release CODESYS for UniPi Neuron. Sorry that it has taken so long to be ready. I anticipate release within the month, but the date is outside of my control. I am awaiting formal release of firmware by UniPi, I then need to rerun my test specification for the product and release it.

    The package contains support for each of the Neuron PLCs and extension modules. For each device there is a custom modbus device which has named access for each register and coil. Adding the device also creates some default channels and maps these into a function block in the IOGlobals giving convenient access to all of the features of 'Group 1'.

    The package will come with an accompanying SDCard image. When this is used in conjunction with the package there is tested support for 1-wire devices using the on board i2c 1-wire master. RS485 ports are also supported (tested with Modbus only).

    There is also a demonstration application included that can be run on any Neuron PLC. It provides access to all of the features of group 1 for testing purposes, it also provides access to extension modules connected via RS-485.

    The package will be licensed via the CODESYS licensing mechanism €50 for a single license, with the cost reducing as volume increases.

  • @tomas_hora When do you expect to release the firmware required to make Neuron operational with @DavidCozens codesys port?

    We are all waiting not so patiently.


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