protect to prevent damage to the Neuron?

  • Should we add something between the inputs/outputs and the devices we connect to make sure the UniPi won't get damaged? Is there a situation we should be considering that could damage the Neuron?

    I guess it is not easy to fix and in that case we will be needing to switch the complete Neuron at the customer's place, right?

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    Hello @Boy-Lenssen ,

    • list itemDIs are a galvanically isolated so unless the voltage and current will stay in the limits, you should be OK
    • Digital outputs & analog inputs and outputs are coupled together to common ground. So a there could be a risk of potential damage to these components when you are off the limits.

    But do not worry the device is designed to provide maximum reliability when installed in the standard installation environment. And yes, replacing the device in case something goes wrong is the easiest and cheapest solution.

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