1Wire temperature sensor not showing

  • I have a Unipi v1.1 connected to a 1wire 8port hub with a DS18B20 sensor temperature. It have been running almost for one year, with no problems. But due to problem with the SD card, I needed to reinstall everything. My bad for not doing a backup of the SD card.

    Now I can't see the temp sensor over 1wire, it doesn't show in the evok main page, and also not showing with rest/all/. Digital inputs and relays are working fine.

    I've started evok manually, but when it gets to "Entering 1wire loop" it just stays there and doesn't end the execution of the script.

    Can anyone help?

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    @paulot Do you see the device with address 18 on the i2c bus? Issue i2cdetect -y 1

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