Noob question - Any HTML examples out there?

  • Okay. I have read the forum fairly extensively, and I haven't found what I'm really looking for.

    I've got a long history in programming and IT - 23 years in the industry - so I'm very comfortable coding and digging my way into new languages and environments.

    What I haven't been able to do is to completely unravel the index.html file that comes with the EVOK install. I'm trying to figure out the 1wire interface, and do some custom development in HTML. The documentation isn't helping, so what I've been looking for is a working example so I can reverse-engineer how all of the moving pieces interact, relate to each other, and work together.

    It doesn't seem like too big a request, but I have not had any luck.



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    Hello @SOswald and welcome to the community.

    First of all I am sorry that there is still not enough documentation or examples.

    We designed EVOK only to act as API which provides easy access to all IOs of UniPi including basic web interface providing overview of state of IOs and basic configuration. It is not a designed to act as a example of a application for complete description of behavior or visualization of the sysytem.

    So if you like coding, take a look e.g. at Node-Red. We have made simple example of communication using websockets on it and you can also easily build nice web interafes using Node-Red.

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