how to wire up a festo sensor to the Neuron?

  • Hi,
    I have a festo Vacuum sensor that I want to connect to my Neuron S10x. The sensor has 4 wires to be wired as follows:
    1 = 24V+ (Simple, I've wired that to the same power supply as powers the Neuron.)
    3 = 0V (I've wired that to the negative of the power supply. This lets the sensor start up and run)
    2 = Analog out, 0V to 10V. I've wired this to the Analog in of the Neuron and it seems to be working.
    4 = switching on/off at preset pressures. I want to connect this to a digital input on the Neuron.

    The sensor details are here:
    The sensor model is sde1-v1-g2-w18-L-PU-M8

    My question: The analog ground on the Neuron bells out to the power supply 0V, so the analog connection is working. The digital input ground does not bell to the 0v power supply, so the digital signal is not registering. Can I connect the digital ground input to the analog ground input? If not, how should I wire this up?

    I ideally want the digital input signal, but I definitely need the analog input. I'm just nervous about connecting the 2 grounds in case that would cause a hiccup....

    btw, Evok is running on this for me on the S10x, and allowing me to use my own python program with get and posts to read and set input/outputs on the Neuron. Thanks for the pre-release!


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    @Merv Do not worry, you should be OK if you connect the negative pole of power supply to the DiGND. Otherwise, you would have to take care of separation of the power supplies...

  • Thanks Tomas.

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