Digital input not working

  • I got relays working, but trying to get Digital Input working on the Neuron L20x

    I have a device with a Pi with Raspbian + EVOK. I connected 2 reed switches, but when I try to trigger them, no lights go on on the Neuron. Do I need to do something else?

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    @Boy-Lenssen Wired as described in the documentation - 2.4.4Digital input connection ? If so, a green LED should turn on if the state of DI is HIGH.

  • @tomas_hora Don't blame me if I say something stupid, I am not the hardware guy on this project :)

    I received the Neuron from that guy with something like this connected to it.

    1 end is on the DIGND, the other on the input next to it. When I check the documentation you are referring to, do I understand it correctly that I need to add 5v on it or something like that?

    Edit: this last thing I said is nonsense I guess...I expect that I when I trigger the magnetic switch, the current will flow and result in a digital HIGH

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    @Boy-Lenssen You need a power supply (5-24V) as on the picture in the documentation negative pole (-) goes directly to DIGND. The positive pole(+) goes through the device (in your case the magnetic contact) to the DIX.Y. So one cable of the mag. contact goes to power supply and the other to Di.

  • @tomas_hora I got it working, thanks! I did not have a power supply at hand, but I just abused the 5v of a Raspberry Pi I had laying around to see if the light goes on :)

    I also got the notification via websocket...awesome stuff :heartpulse:

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