UniPi Control Panel does not look for lost value

  • The control panel does not look at "lost" value in message. If the temperature sensor signal is not being received on the 1-wire bus (ex. gets disconnected), the value of "lost:" is set to true and value of "value:" is set to the last known temperature. So if you unplug the sensor or it gets damaged the temperature on the control panel doesn't change. Adding the check for msg.lost on line 3 below will correct:

    else if (dev_type == 'temp') {
        name = "Temperature Sensor " + msg.typ + " - " + circuit;
        if ((msg.value == null) | (msg.lost)) {
            value = "Not connected";
        else {
            value = (msg.value * (9.0 / 5.0) + 32).toFixed(1);
            //        value = msg.value.toFixed(1);
            unit = "°F";

  • administrators

    Thansk a lot. Could you create a pull request or a bug report on github?

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