unica sensors not working

  • Hi,
    im trying to get additional 1wire sensors to work, I ordered U1WTVS and U1WTVD and 2 of the basic temperature wire sensor. The temperature sensors work well with the api and show up, but i tried wiring the sensors (as the last in the hub with 6+7 connected together and a0 unconnected) but they do not show on the UI at all. Are these compatible with Evok? Is there some special way of wiring those?

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    the Unica sensors are not supported in evok yet. The work is 50% done but due to an extensive amount of work on the Neuron series, we had to delay implementation of those sensors... However the api is open to everyone.

    The code starts here: https://github.com/UniPiTechnology/evok/blob/master/evok/owclient.py#L120 which is the low level driver. Than the upper layer computations are not ready yet.

  • Hi,

    I would also love to see, that Evok will support the unica sensors.

    Is there some sort of timeline, when the sensors will be supported by evok and with evok all sorts of open source home automation systems?

    Thank you and best regards

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    Hello, honestly I promised that support many times but due to the extensive amount of work with Neurons, there is not much time for that. Hopefully during January, the system will be ready.

  • Hi tomas,

    Just a question... how is the status of this issue? I just bought a neuron with a couple of unica sensors assuming I can do everything with evok. Is it already working? Thanks for your answer.


  • Ok... I commented in the DS2438 part in owclient.py and added 'sens.vis' for the light sensor, seems to work so far...
    Anything missing?

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