Message was not properly evaulated on every DI

  • I finally bought myself a Unipi (Patron S207) and since I don't have any Windows machine, Mervis was not an option. So I installed the Node-Red image 20220427.0
    Up until now, everything went smooth.
    As I'm completely new to both Node-Red and Unipi, I added a ws node connected to a DI node and then attached a debug node to it to check what the DI node exactly would return when triggered.
    When I now trigger the DI, I get the message

    7/5/2022 01:17:44 node: DI 1.1
    msg : string[34]
    "Message was not properly evaulated"

    and nothing else.
    In Linux syslog, I see this message also appearing.

    May 06 23:29:45 S207-sn320 Node-RED[373]: 6 May 23:29:45 - [warn] [unipi-input:DI 1.1] Message was not properly evaulated

    What is wrong here ? It looks to me that the websocket sends a message to the DI node that the DI node does not understand? Or the message json is invalid ?

    I did update @unipitechnology/node-red-contrib-unipi-evok from v 0.0.2 to 0.0.4
    And also did apt-get upgrade on linux which upgraded unipi-firmware from 5.58 to 5.60 and displayed a warning that I should upgrade the firmware using the command sudo /opt/unipi/tools/fwspi --auto .
    If I do that however, it doesn't do anything:

    # sudo /opt/unipi/tools/fwspi --auto
    Board on /dev/unipispi firmware=5.58  hardware=1.1 (E-8Di8Ro) (spi 6MHz)

    and nothing more.

    What can I do to fix this Node-Red problem? And why is the firmware not updated with that command ? (could the Node-Red problem be fixed with the new firmware ?)

  • Seems that this was a newbee error. I had the example flow still active in the project, and used a second instance of the websocket in my own flow. But seemingly, those instances conflict with each other causing only parts of message to arrive.
    If I have only one instance of the listening websocket in the project, everything seems to work smoothly.

    The firmware upgrade problem, however, remains. I have fw 5.58, the OS has upgraded the firmware package to 5.60 but I can't upgrade the actual firmware as the fwspi --auto command doesn't start the upgrade.

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